Body Modification Feedback

Body Mod Feedback
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Welcome to bodmod_feedback

This Community was created for members to post complaints, concerns, and positive [as well as negative] feedback about any experiences they have had buying/selling body jewellery, getting a piercing or tattoo, and anything and everything in between.

*Anyone with an interest in body piercing, stretching, tattoos, suspension, and every other form of body modification out there are welcome as well; your experience and knowledge could be very beneficial!*

1) Please post all images behind an LJ-cut. This minimizes the "freeze-factor" for users with dial-up internet access.
2) This is an "All Ages" community, so please put a warning in your post if there are nude images behind the cut. "NWS" or even a simple "Caution: Nudity" will suffice.
3) Images of infected or bleeding mods and extreme procedures must be labled "NWS" and "Graphic" as well. Some people may not be able to handle certain types of extreme procedures [many are surgical] or even a bad/inexperienced artist or piercers' handywork.
4) No fighting, name-calling, or drama will be tolerated. If you cause a "flame war" or any sort of drama, you will be removed and banned. NO exceptions.
5) NO PROMOTING!! Period.
6) Although this is a community which welcomes complaints and negative feedback, please be adult about your feelings and/or your situation. People jumping on another user because one person had a negative experience with them is not allowed OR fair. Please use common sense. And again, be adult about it.
7) [Body Jewellery Trades] This is not where you should come if you merely want to trash someone verbally. It's always best to attempt to resolve the matter with the person with whom you did business. On the same token, you are still welcome to voice your disappointment.
8) [Body Mods] If you had a negative experience whilst getting a piercing, tattoo, etc. done, [as previously stated] it is best that you resolve the problem with that artist. If that's not an option for you, please voice your problem!! Many people may have experienced the same thing you have, and it's possible that they can help.

and lastly:

9) If you are a Body Modification Artist of any sort, or even if you're not, but have plenty of experience, please lend your knowledge to those who need it!!

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If you have a question pertaining to the community, please contact morgot_sands or hana_dammit. If you are looking for advice regarding body modifcation specifically, russfoxx can help you. For any other concerns, contact myself totes_madchen

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